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Validators are the Foundation of the Autonity Vision

Autonity aims to revolutionize the world of decentralized derivatives. To do this, a stable and secure blockchain is required that a truly decentralized market place can depend upon. Validators fulfil this role by participating in proof-of-stake consensus, which allows them to profit from transaction fee distribution as well as from Autonity's stake inflation mechanism.

Validator Roadmap

Validators can participate right now in the “Piccadilly Circus Games Competition”, a set of tasks and challenges run on the Autonity Piccadilly testnet, allowing everyone to earn rewards. Additionally, validators are encouraged to fill out the form below to register their interest in participating in the Autonity Mainnet genesis. Following the completion of the Games, the Genesis Validators ("GVs") will be selected and the Autonity chain will launch.

validator roadmap showing the plan for becoming a validator over time

Validator Rewards Stack

On-chain Activity Rewards

On-chain Activity rewards consist of on-chain fees that users of the Autonity chain pay to make transactions: the Base fee (a function of the complexity of the transaction involved) and the Priority fee (paid to ensure inclusion in the next block). Finally, slashing penalty rewards (forfeiture of an offending validator’s staking rewards) will also be a source of revenue.

Inflation Rewards

There is a predefined Inflation Schedule that will gradually release tokens across several years. 40% of total token supply (40 million out of 100 million) of Newton is allocated for this purpose. In the early days of Autonity it is expected that inflation rewards will play a major part in Validator earnings, tailing off as On-chain Activity rewards grow.

Stake Delegation Program (SDP)

The SDP has been put in place by the Autonity Genesis Foundation (AGF) in order to incentivize diversity among validators in validator set. The AGF will strategically delegate a portion of its treasury to validators who fulfil certain requirements. Additionally, bonus allocations will be made available to validators who achieve specific goals as set forth by the AGF.


Delegation is the practice whereby any holder of stake (NTN) tokens can delegate that stake to a validator node, and hence increase that validator's voting power within the Consensus Committee. This results in higher rewards for that validator node. The rewards are then distributed to delegators, but the validator charges a commission and hence earns additional revenue.

Become a Validator

Register Your Interest

As per the roadmap above, the Genesis Validator set will be absolutely crucial to the launch of Autonity. If you'd like to be a Genesis Validator, help secure the Autonity chain from its inception, and reap the rewards of joining at the very beginning, fill out the form below!

Have you validated/mined on another L1 network before?
Do you intend to be a home-staker, on-premise, or run your validator in a managed data centre?

Frequently Asked Questions

Validator Rewards Stack

Getting Started

When you are ready to start your journey, you'll find all relevant information in the Autonity Docs to get started, such as how to set up a node, how to register it, and how to delegate to it.

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Autonity Infrastructure Program

The Autonity Infrastructure Program is ideal if you want to run a validator node but would like to outsource the infrastructure aspect of it. We can help connect you with recommended partners to get you validating on the network in no time!

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Validator Explorer

The Validator Explorer is your one-stop shop to understand all the finer details of each validator on the network, such as commission rates charged, percentage uptime, client software version, and much more.

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