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Autonity - Staking Summit

A look into the Autonity Project team's recent trip to the Staking Summit hosted by Staking Rewards in Istanbul

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Autonity - Staking Summit

Autonity has spent the last few months working hard on developing new infrastructure used in the next Round (4) of the Piccadilly Circus Games Competition, a set of tasks and challenges on an incentivised testnet. Establishing closer ties with validators has been an essential part of this, so two senior members of the Autonity community recently ventured to Istanbul to pitch the project at this year’s Staking Summit, hosted by Staking Rewards.

Among the highlights of Staking Summit were the discussions led by prominent industry figures like Mirko Schmiedl, Konstantin Lomashuk, Robert Koschigg, Michael Kong, and Daniel Hwang, discussing the concerns and benefits of incorporating Liquid Staking into protocols. Autonity believe that with our innovations in node-specific liquid staking we can bring to market a really excellent solution at the L1 protocol level.

One of the most enriching aspects of the Summit was the diverse array of validators from across the globe, offering direct feedback and showing a keen interest in Autonity’s pioneering innovations. Autonity’s introduction of Penalty Absorbing Stake, a protocol-level feature aimed at decentralizing voting power in the consensus mechanism, sparked significant interest and discussions among attendees.

The Autonity team held approximately 20 meetings over the course of the Summit, facilitating great networking opportunities and attracting substantial attention towards Autonity’s vision. Just in time for the event, Autonity’s website had received an update with a detailed validator-specific page, which proved a massive success and resulted in an influx of new sign-ups; even from validators who hadn’t directly engaged with the team. This proactive approach not only increased visibility but also bolstered Autonity’s reputation within the staking community.

The Staking Summit was extremely well organised, complete with an in-event networking app which facilitated seamless interactions, both during and after the conference. Autonity participated as one of four protocols in a time slot dedicated to new pitches, which was a resounding success. Despite being the last event of the Summit, it gained substantial interest, with numerous attendees expressing their eagerness to become validators on the Autonity platform.

The Staking Summit served as a catalyst for Autonity, not only strengthening existing relationships, but also forging new ones. As the team returns from Istanbul, they bring with them a wealth of knowledge, connections, and renewed enthusiasm to continue propelling Autonity towards its upcoming mainnet launch.

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