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PCGC Round 3 Summary

Summary of Round 3, Autonity Piccadilly Circus Games Competition


Round 3 Summary

Round 3 of Autonity’s Piccadilly Circus Games Competition has come to an end. Participants in Round 3 were able to compete in an array of tasks and challenges designed to further test the functionality and performance of the Autonity blockchain. The new challenges included “Go with the flow” which was aimed at increasing transaction flow between participants, and “Delegation Markets” which pushed users to maximize staking returns as a stake delegator or validator. As per previous rounds the Bug Bounty, as well as tasks centered on developers, education, and community ran alongside.

Round 3 winners were determined in the same way as in Rounds 1 and 2: completing challenges, meeting task targets and accurately reporting any bugs found on the network, documentation, and supporting infrastructure. Following the same format as previous rounds, those who did earn rewards were contacted via email about how to claim their rewards.

For Round 4, Autonity will be shifting the emphasis from validator and node infrastructure to use cases, and the team has designed exciting new on-chain tasks to reflect this. Node infrastructure tasks launched in Rounds 1 and 2 will continue to run in parallel, as well as Bug Bounty, Education, Developer, and Community task streams. As the game moves into Round 4 there are now an even wider array of tasks and opportunities to take part!

Full information on Round 4 tasks, awards, and start- and end dates will be released soon. Those participants already registered from the first 3 rounds will automatically be re-enrolled to participate in upcoming rounds.

In the end competition was fierce for Round 3, with some high scores achieved and many winners coming through. See below for the Round 3 reward breakdown.

On Chain Tasks

  • 30 Winners

Bug Bounty

  • 1 Winner

Community Awards

  • 3 Winners

Participants submitting non winning submissions to developer and education tasks will be entered into the roulette award run at at the end of the games.

Once again, congratulations to the winners of Round 3, and to all those who participated. We can’t wait to see what the upcoming rounds hold for Autonity and the community as a whole.