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PCGC Round 1 Winners!

Breakdown of Round 1 Winners from the Piccadilly Circus Games Competition


Piccadilly Circus Games Round 1 Winners

The Autonity Piccadilly Circus Games Round 1 has come to a close, and what a ride it was.

With participants competing for points in a variety of challenges, the competition was fun, but the stakes were high. In the end, only a select few were able to come out on top and claim rewards.

On Chain Tasks: participants were running validator nodes and public RPC endpoints to generate transaction volume.

  • 13 Winners

Bug Bounty: the community only managed to find 3 bugs in Autonity software and documentation this round.

  • 2 Winners

Developer Tasks: participants were tasked with creating deployment, development & visualisation tooling

  • 1 Winner

Educational Tasks: with blogs and content creation tasks available participants were encouraged to use their creativity to describe validator node setup and functionality.

  • No Winners

By showcasing the abilities of the Autonity platform and the creativity of its community, Round 1 proved that the future of the games is a bright and exciting one.

For those eligible winners, you will be receiving an email in due course with details and instructions on how to proceed with later completing identity verification and the subsequent next steps for claiming rewards.

Participants submitting non winning submissions to developer and education tasks will be entered into the roulette award run at at the end of the games.

So once again, congratulations to the winners of Round 1, and to all those who participated. We can’t wait to see what the upcoming rounds hold for Autonity and the community as a whole.

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