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Autonity PCGC End of Round 1

Summary of Round 1 from the Autonity Piccadilly Circus Games Competition

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PCGC End of Round 1

The Piccadilly Circus Games Competition, which launched on March 15th, 2023, has just completed its first round today at 12:00 UTC. In this first round, participants were able to compete in a variety of tasks and challenges designed to test the functionality and performance of the Autonity blockchain. These challenges included everything from simple validator setup and registration, bug bounty, developer tasks, and tasks to develop educational content for the Autonity community.

Round 1 winners are determined based on a combination of factors, including the number of challenges completed and meeting task targets. For more detail on the Round tasks and scoring rules check out the games website.

The winners of Round 1 will be announced soon on the Autonity Website, Discord and Telegram. Winners will be published on the games website itself. Participants are now preparing for Round 2, which is set to begin soon, the exact start date is still TBA. Round 2 is a continuation of Round 1 challenges. It refines tasks and offers a larger prize pool, so participants are encouraged to continue testing the Autonity blockchain and pushing its capabilities to the limit.

Overall, Round 1 of the incentivised Testnet games has been a great success, with participants providing valuable feedback and helping to improve the performance and functionality of the Autonity blockchain. The Autonity community is looking forward to seeing what Round 2 brings and continuing to expand its community for future game rounds.

For registration and game information: Autonity WebsiteGames WebsiteTwitterDiscord