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Announcing the Piccadilly Circus Games

Round #1 of the Piccadilly Circus Games will begin on 15 March and registration to open in the coming days.


As part of the progression towards Autonity’s mainnet launch, Autonity is launching a set of challenges for the autonity community called the Piccadilly Circus Games Competition. Details can be found on the Games website.

The Games run on the Piccadilly testnet over a sequence of 6 rounds. Each Round lasts a set number of weeks and has a specific focus and set of tasks to complete for points. As the game unfolds the focus will shift:

  • Rounds 1-3 focus on node and consensus infrastructure
  • Rounds 4-6 focus on economic mechanisms and use-case development

The primary goal of the Games is to bring together many different members of the Autonity community in a competitive game setting that is challenging, fun and a productive addition to development and testing efforts working towards mainnet launch.

Whether you’re an automaton already, or a visitor just checking the project out, the Games are open to all who are up for the challenge!

Round #1 of the games will start on Wednesday, March 15th 2023 12:00:00 UTC. Registration will open soon and will be published here and on the Games site

In the meantime: