Piccadilly Testnet

Piccadilly is the bleeding-edge public Testnet running the latest deployable version of the Autonity protocol (currently implemented in the Autonity Tokyo release of the Autonity client). It is the network used in the pre-MainNet Piccadilly Circus Games Competition. At the end of each game round, validators might re-genesis the network with the latest protocol implementation. If you want to take part in the games and help develop the project, Piccadilly Testnet is your network.

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Bakerloo Testnet

Bakerloo is a stable public Testnet, sometimes running an older version of the Autonity protocol. Bakerloo will re-genesis several times prior to MainNet launch, but this will be planned and communicated well in advance. If you want to build a project on top of Autonity and need a stable testing environment, Bakerloo is for you.

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