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Autonity Network

Autonity is an EVM-based, public blockchain designed as decentralised infrastructure for borderless markets.

Borderless markets are by definition markets with participants in multiple currency areas who are subject to unwanted foreign exchange risk. Autonity's utility coin — Auton — combines innovation in unit-of-account and stabilisation mechanism design to explicitly address this foundational concern so that builders can develop new markets without the limitations of fiat-pegged stablecoins.

The project is in the early testnet stage and is being developed by a community that is passionate about the potential social benefits of monetary and market structure innovation.

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Protocol Summary

Execution EnvironmentEthereum Virtual Machine
Block Time1 second
Consensus ProtocolTendermint BFT
Sybil-ResistanceDelegated Proof-of-Stake
AccountabilitySlashing staked NTN on byzantine faults
Maximum Validators100
Utility CoinATN, "Auton"
Staking CoinNTN, "Newton"
Staking MechanismStaked NTN gets LNTN<node> "Liquid Newton" ERC20 token
Txn Fee MechanismGas fees set by EIP1559 control system, paid in ATN
Stabilisation MechanismCDP, ATN borrowed against NTN or LNTN collateral
Stabilisation TargetACU, a base-invariant, volatility-minimised index